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Cabos San Lucas

Cabos includes Cabo Este, Todos los Santos, Cabo San Lucas y San José del Cabo, y El Corredor, and has become one of the major tourist destinations for the gay community, thanks not only to its paradisiacal landscapes, but also to the first-class tourist infrastructure that distinguishes it as a paradise worthy of admiration.

At the southernmost point of the Baja California península, Cabo San Lucas boasts El Arco, a rock formation created by the erosion of the sea, creating marvelous figures like this arch that have existed since time immemorial. At low tide under the arch, one can view the famous Playa del Amor, where the soft sand reflects the sun and offers lucky couples unforgettable moments.

Given its importance as a tourist destination, many world-famous cruise ships dock at Cabo San Lucas. There tourists can disembark to enjoy a wide variety of services, sporting activities, and other entertainment among the million-dollar resorts, hotels, and spas. They can also admire exotic marine species while diving at the Roca del Pelícano or the Colonia de Leones Marinos; they can go shopping at luxurious modern shopping malls; or they can have fun in the nightclubs and renowned restaurants that offer superb service.

In addition to the tourists who arrive on cruise ships or direct flights from the United States, Cabo San Lucas has a marina filled with thousands of boats and yachts, a clear manifestation of the luxury and refinement of this marvelous port.