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Puerto Vallarta

The most indisputable gay paradise today is without a doubt Puerto Vallarta. Situated in the Bay of Banderas, this port has numerous leisure spots focused on the gay public. These spots are distinguished by the use of rainbow flags while others are more discreet. In fact some of them have their own beaches and specialized hotels in the Olas Altas zone.

One of the most frequented places is Cora Courtyard, a jacuzzi-bar that can accommodate 50 people. In Puerto Vallarta, there is even a gay park, Paco’s Paradise, with its own beach.

This paradise is geographically diverse, resplendent with extravagant sunsets, beaches, tropical jungle, and a majestic mountain range. Ecological treasures, art, history, and culture are all joined in one place, a fact that makes Puerta Vallarta known as the jewel of the Mexican Pacific coast. Gay tourism is one of the important factors in the economic development of this area.