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Zipolite Gay

Zipolite is a nudist beach in the state of Oaxaca, approximately 2 km. long and 40 meters wide on average. The sand is golden, the slope moderate, and the warm water crystal-clear with green and blue tones. Zipolite became famous in the 70s when groups of hippies descended on this beach, the only nudist beach in Mexico. Nowadays you still hear music by The Doors, Bob Marley, Santana, Led Zeppelin, and others, blaring from the loudspeakers of the restaurants. After midnight the two discotheques, Zipolipas and La Puesta, continue to play a variety of music.

Zipolite means Beach of the Dead in Zapotec, called this because of the dangerous currents and waves of the open sea. Any native can tell you stories about people who have drowned in these waters. It is best to swim where voluntary lifeguards keep watch.

Near Zipolite one finds the beaches of Mazunte where the Mexican Center for Turtles is located, exhibiting all the species of marine turtles that inhabit the Mexican coasts. Another beach is San Agustinillo, divided into three sections, one of which is protected from huge waves by rocks and where you can swim easily. Gigantic waves threaten the other two beaches, located along the open sea, toward the east.